Tea Tree Pedicure


You are never too young to be pampered! This pedicure comes with the following:
1. Tea Tree Soak: The tea tree soak softens and preps the skin as the first step in a luxury pedicure. It is formulated to soothe the skin while working wonders for dry and cracked feet. Enjoy clean and refreshed feet after the foot soak is completed.
2. Tea Tree Scrub: This scrub exfoliates and brightens the skin by removing dead skin cells. Formulated with tea tree oil and packed with antioxidants, it helps to purify and hydrate the feet. The tea tree scrub also helps to remove rough or dry patches while revealing a layer of radiant and silky skin.
3. Tea Tree Mask: This leave-on foot serum mask features a unique rinse formula that draws out impurities. Infused with tea tree oil, this mask refreshes and detoxifies skin. The rich gel texture soothes and is formulated with a cooling technology. This results in a luxurious experience as it is absorbed into the feet and legs.
4. Tea Tree Lotion: Infused with tea tree oil, this massage lotion is the perfect finishing touch to a luxurious, relaxing pedicure. The smooth texture of the lotion provides an effortless glide and extended massage workability. Its rich formula moisturizes and conditions dry and cracked skin leaving behind perfectly smooth feet.
– Hot gloves
– Warm neck wraps
– Hot stone massage
– 15-minute massage
– Paraffin wax treatment
– Regular polish
Excellent customer service is our priority. When you come to us, you don’t have to worry about any skin diseases or fear infections and nail damage! We assure you that our hygiene policy is highly sanitary.

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